Arkansas and Oklahoma Conservatory of Music and Arts

The A-OK Conservatory of Music is a five week program held at The Salvation Army's Camp Heart O' Hills in the summer. The goal of the Conservatory is to train young people in the arts so they can be used for worship. Our ultimate aim is for everyone, students and staff alike, to deepen their relationship with Christ.

The Conservatory features 6 majors (listed to the right) and a number of electives. Students attend classes in their major, choir, music theory, Bible study, and their choice of an elective. The evenings always end with a fun night program or a student recital.

Our students choose to spend 5 weeks of their summer in an intense learning environment. They spend 6 days a week in classes, where they learn music, leadership, life skills, and how to live in community with one another. These young people are hard workers! We know that a important aspects of this program are the relationships and bonds that are built as we spend time together, and we balance out our heavy workload with time to relax, have fun evening programs, and get to know one another. The discipline,  skills, leadership, and relationships that are forged at Conservatory can follow a young person for a lifetime.

The Conservatory program has played a part in producing Salvation Army Officers, Salvation Army Music Directors, professional musicians, music scholarship recipients, faithful Salvation Army Soldiers, and quality people. We pray that the Lord continues to bless this ministry we offer to our young people.


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