Conservatory Brass Studio


In keeping with the traditional identity of Salvation Army music, brass is the primary area of focus at the A-OK Music Conservatory. The goal of the brass major is to train skilled bandsmen and music leaders who can apply what they've learned in their home corps. The AOK Music Department also believes strongly in training students at a high enough level that they can get college scholarships as musicians if they choose.

Players of all skill levels are accepted and placed into three bands. Additionally, every student receives at least one weekly private lesson with one of our excellent staff of brass instructors. All brass students are required to perform one solo during the summer on our weekly recital nights.

Beginner's Instrument Program


Beginners who do not have a horn to play will be provided with one that they can take back to their corps at the end of the summer. This instrument then becomes a part of the corps inventory, and is there for the student to continue learning and playing on. Our goal is to provide every beginner who doesn't have one with a horn, though we do have a set number available.


Comanche Brass

Our beginners band, under the leadership of Connie Barrington, has proven to be very successful in providing a strong foundation of skills and abilities for brass musicians. Beginners who do not have an instrument will be provided with one that they can become a part of their corps inventory so they can continue playing and learning when they leave.


Apache Brass

The intermediate band exposes students to a wider variety of Salvation Army music. Students who complete the conservatory program in this band should be fully capable of playing in their corps on a regular basis. The intermediate band will prepare students to eventually move on to the advanced group.



Navajo Brass

The advanced band, under the leadership of DMD Andy Barrington, plays a wide variety ofchallenging Salvation Army music in many different styles and from different eras. Students in this band are competent bandsmen, and have worked very hard to progress through the program to get into the group.