Conservatory Visitation Policy

Due to Safe From Harm regulations and a desire for our camp to run as safely and effectively as possible, all parents or guardians of conservatory delegates are asked to adhere to the following visitation policies:

  • Designated places parents are allowed are the main camp office and the conference center.

  • We welcome parents to visit on Fridays for our weekly recital night. Please arrive no earlier than 8:00 PM, and plan to depart 15 minutes after the program ends. We do not offer housing on these nights. Our recital is a very important part of Conservatory, and we ask that parents and corps officers help us model respectful concert etiquette to our campers.

  • The Friday recital is the only time we can have parents on camp. This is due to a very full daily schedule and Safe From Harm regulations.

  • Students are allowed to call home from the Conservatory office phone when they are not in classes.

  • In case of an emergency, please contact the Conservatory office at 918-453-2415. If the secretary is unavailable, call DMD Andrew Barrington at 405-640-5040.

Please contact DMD Andrew Barrington with any questions.