DArts Registration

2019/20 Season

Registration is open for our first DARTS of the season (September 13-14). DARTS registration will now take place exclusively on Adminicamp. If a delegate has already attended Youth Councils, conservatory, or summer camp, their information is already in the system. They will simply have to click on the upcoming DARTS and indicate their area of study by clicking the elective dropdown menu. If they are not in the system, their info (including the health form and permission waiver) must be filled out in Adminicamp. Parents or guardians can log in to Adminicamp by creating their own account and enter information for themselves and their children. Anyone attending DARTS or DLI must be registered through Adminicamp. This includes adults, officers, drivers, etc. Registration is due by noon on Monday, September 9th. 

 DARTS participation is encouraged for all who are interested! We have beginner tracks in each major that we offer. Delegates can sign up for brass band (including percussion), theater, dance, piano, guitar, and visual arts. The age range is 8 and up. We also offer childcare for families who come to DARTS with children who are too young to participate in one of the groups. We do not do auditions that determine membership in DARTS, but here is a placement audition for the dance and theater majors. Its purpose is simply to place delegates in the correct classes, and does not exclude anyone from participation in DARTS. The link to the audition materials can be found below.

Creative Arts Placement Audition

For all Dance and Theater Majors