Divisional Arts Programs


DARTS (Divisional Arts) represents all of the divisional music and arts groups of the AOK Division of The Salvation Army. These groups rehearse on DARTS weekends at Camp Heart O' Hills.  The goal of our DARTS groups is to provide training in the artistic forms of worship used in the Army; to minister to the division at events, tours, and clinics; to promote Christian fellowship among the artists of the division; and to praise the Lord through our efforts.

These weekends have become a unique and wonderful time of fellowship for the AOK division. We offer high-quality instruction, spiritual leadership, and promote an uplifting family atmosphere.

We firmly believe that anyone who can commit to attending our monthly rehearsals is welcome at DARTS. The age range is 8 and up. We ask that corps work with delegates to arrange transportation to and from camp for DARTS. We also ask that every corps who sends young people also sends an adult to serve as a chaperone.

DARTS Groups

Arrival at DARTS

Registration begins at 7:15 p.m on Friday at the Conservatory. Please do not arrive earlier than this. Chaperones should be prepared to supervise their delegates when not in rehearsals, and help them get to their rehearsal locations. Chaperones should ensure all delegates make it to their rehearsal spaces.

Departure From DARTS

DARTS ends at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. Delegates must remain long enough to clean and organize their rehearsal space and cabin. Delegates may be picked up at the Conservatory once their rehearsal space and cabin are cleaned.