Divisional Youth Praise Band

Photo Credit: Laura Dake

The AOK Divisional Youth Praise Band is a group of outstanding young people who are dedicated to serving the Lord through excellence in music ministry, Salvation Army Soldiership, and personal witness. This group serves as a training ground for these young people to develop leadership and experience in leading worship, and offers an avenue for them to minister to the entire division. 

The young people of this band have shown themselves to be dedicated to their corps, and play regularly with their corps music groups. They are constantly seeking to improve as musicians in order to better serve the Lord, and everything thing they do is for His glory. We look forward to watching them develop as musicians and as people!


If you are interested in having the Divisional Youth Praise Band at your worship service or event, please contact the AOK Music Department.  

Fun- Formal night at Youth Councils 2016!

Band Members

AJ Mitchell (worship leader, guitar)

Tamber Walls (vocals)

Shelby Ree(keyboard)

Jacob Mitchell (bass guitar)

Rolando Alvarado (guitar)

Jordan Sebo (percussion)