Conservatory Percussion Studio

The Percussion Studio is focused on creating classically trained percussionists who can serve as skilled players in Salvation Army bands. As with the Brass program, the Percussion Studio seeks to create percussionists who can readily serve their corps, and to prepare students to earn college scholarships as percussionists if they so choose.

All percussionists in the Conservatory program are members of the percussion studio. All percussionists play percussion in the brass bands, but they get more direct training by having their own percussion class during at least one band period a day. Every morning, the percussion studio meets for warmups prior to breakfast. This has become a tradition and “badge of honor” for our percussion students! All percussionists are required to play two solos during on recital nights. One solo should be on a keyboard percussion instrument (bells, marimba, xylophone) and the other should be on a battery instrument (snare drum, timpani).

Our Percussion Studio has a history of turning out very skilled percussionists. Students undergo intensive but fun training, and leave with a large skill set that will make them assets to their home corps.