Divisional Arts Programs


DARTS (Divisional Arts) represents all the divisional music and arts groups of the AOK division of the Salvation Army. The groups to the right rehearse on DARTS weekends at Camp Heart O' Hills.  The goal of our DARTS groups is to provide training in the artistic forms of worship used in the Army; to minister to the division at events, tours, and clinics; to promote Christian fellowship among the artists of the division; and to praise the Lord through our efforts.

There is a place for anyone at DARTS! The age range is 10 and up. Groups include brass bands, choirs, dance, and drama! All of the groups rehearse one weekend a month during the DARTS season at Camp Heart O' Hills. These rehearsals begin at 8 PM Friday, and end at 3 PM Saturday. There is no cost to attend. Childcare is provided for those with children under 10.

We firmly believe that anyone who can commit to attending our monthly rehearsals is welcome at DARTS, regardless of your level of musicianship or artistic ability. These weekends have become a unique and wonderful time of fellowship among the members. Averaging over 150 people each rehearsal, there is a spirit of family and connection for all involved!

We ask that the corps work with delegates to arrange transportation to and from camp for DARTS. We also ask that every corps who sends young people also sends an adult to serve as a chaperone. All adults will be housed in the best available housing, though we do need some of the chaperones to stay in the private counselor room of the youth cabins. Volunteers to serve as counselors are appreciated! Click HERE for Arrival/Departure procedures, Chaperone responsibilities, and Counselor responsibilities. 

The tabs to the right give more info on the groups we offer and the procedures of the weekends. Please contact the AOK Music Department if you have any questions, or would like to use any Divisional groups in your corps or area.