AOK Divisional Band Roster

Bandmaster: DMD Andrew Barrington

DMD Andrew Barrington


Andy and the Snake.jpg

Home Corps: Oklahoma City Citadel

Positions at Corps:  Bandmaster, Songster Leader, 5th call Electric Bass Player, Singing Company Leader

Favorite Scripture: Romans 8

Favorite Hymn: SASB (1987 Version) # 991 "'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus"

Favorite Piece: Celestial Prospect (Wilfred Heaton)

Favorite Activity: Watching Movies with My Family

Troy Mitchell

Soprano Cornet

Troy and Charity.jpg

Home Corps:  Tulsa Citadel

Positions in Corps:  Bandmaster

Favorite Scripture Verse: 1 John 4:21

Favorite Hymn:  SASB #967 (1987 edition) "Dwelling in Beulah Land" 

Favorite Band Piece:  "Mighty Fortress" (Steve Kellner)

Non-Church activity:  Sports games, either at the game or watching.

Captain Michael Knott

Solo Cornet

Michael Knott.jpg

Home Corps:  Conway, AR

Positions in Corps:  Corps Officer

Favorite Scripture Verse: Matthew 25:40

Favorite Hymn: SASB #573 “Be Thou My Vision”

Favorite Band Piece:  “In Christ Alone” (Martin Cordner)

Non-Church activity:  My Family

Kayla Cox

Second Cornet


Home Corps: Oklahoma City Citadel

Positions at Corps: Bandsman, Songster Member, Sunbeam Leader, Corps Secretary

Favorite Scripture: Psalm 91:4

Favorite Hymn: SASB # 830 "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"

Favorite Piece: Goldcrest (James Anderson)

Favorite Activity: Reading, Hanging out with my family.

Maria Summers

Second Cornet

Maria Summers.jpg

Home Corps: North Little Rock

Positions at Corps: Bandsman, BFI, YPSM

Favorite Scripture: Isaiah 43:19

Favorite Hymn:  SASB #509 "O Boundless Salvation"

Favorite Band Piece: "Mighty Fortress" (Steve Kellner)

Favorite Activity: Reading, spending time with my family, crocheting, scrapbooking

Connie Barrington

Solo Horn

Connie and Talitha.jpg

Home Corps:  Oklahoma City Citadel

Position at Corps:  Moonbeams Leader, Singing Company Leader, Songster, Bandsman

Favorite Scripture: Romans 12: 1-2 (NLT)

Favorite Hymn:  SASB # 379 (1987 Version) "Jesus Came With Peace To Me"

Favorite Band Piece: Just As I Am (Wilfed Heaton)

Favorite Activity:  Spending time with my crazy family!

Emily Robbins

First Horn

emily robbins.jpg

Home Corps:  North Little Rock, AR 

Positions in Corps:  Praise and Worship Group Member, Brass Band Member, Nursery Class Assistant

Favorite Scripture: Psalm 37:4

Favorite Hymn:  SASB #509 "O Boundless Salvation"

Favorite Band Piece"You Know that We Love You" (Howard Davies)

Favorite Activity: Attending Razorback football games

Anna Ray

First Baritone

Anna Poff.jpg

Home Corps: Oklahoma City Citadel

Positions in Corps:  Bandsman, Songster

Favorite Scripture Verse: Jeremiah 29:11

Favorite Hymn: SASB #909 "Count Your Blessings"

Favorite Band Piece:The Call of The Righteous (Leslie Condon)

Favorite Activity:  Reading

Ken Fuller

Second Baritone

Ken Fuller.jpg

Home Corps: Tulsa Citadel

Positions in Corps: Adult Sunday School Teacher, Corps Pianist, Bandsman, Beginner Band Teacher and volunteer (Doing whatever my wife, the YPSM or Mrs. Captain volunteer me for)

Favorite Scripture: Romans 8:28  ---  Because this has been so true in my life !

Favorite Hymn: SASB # 347 "This One Thing I Know"

Favorite Band Piece: March - Soldiers Of The Cross. (Vernon Post),  Selection - Songs Of Testimony. (Harold A. Zealley)
Favorite Activities: Golf, yard work, golf, relaxing by the pool, golf, cooking, golf, working occasionally, golf and my son and I going out together and playing golf.

Lt. Brittany Carr


Brittany Carr.png

Home Corps: Bartlesville

Positions at Corps: Corps Officer

Favorite Scripture: Acts 4:31

Favorite Hymn: SASB #853 "Love Lifted Me"

Favorite Band Piece: Las Lluvia Grandes (Peter Graham)

Favorite Activity: I really like to make things with my hands. I enjoy quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross stitch...I just like creating something that will last and be of use to others.

Jerry Polk

First Trombone

Jerry Polk.jpg

Home Corps: Oklahoma City Citadel

Position in Corps: Bandsman, Songster, Praise Band Windchime Expert

Favorite Scripture: Rev. 1:12-16

Favorite Hymn: SASB #509 "O Boundless Salvation"

Favorite Band Piece: Faith Reborn (Leslie Condon)

Favorite Activity: Going to concerts, movies, resteraunts

Tobias Gilliam

Second Trombone

Home Corps: Tulsa Citadel, OK

Position in Corps: Bandsman, Beginning Piano Instructor

Favorite Scripture: John 14:15

Favorite Hymn: SASB #861 “In Christ Alone

Favorite Band Piece: Festival March - Celebration (Leslie Condon)

Favorite Activity: Graphics

Captain Kim Grimes

Eb Tuba


Home Corps: Dalton, GA (Stationed in Ardmore OK)

Positions at Corps: Corps Officer

Favorite Scripture: Romans 8: 28-29

Favorite Hymn: SASB# 197 "I Know A Fount" (Who made the rule of only 1 song....) :)

Favorite Band Piece: Faith Reborn (Leslie Condon)

Favorite Activity: Being with family & friends, fishing, Scrapbooking

Captain Nick Garrison

Eb Tuba

Nick Garrison.jpg

Home Corps: OKC Citadel

Positions at Corps: Bandsman, Songster Member, Praise Band Member

Favorite Scripture: Acts 1:8

Favorite Hymn: SASB# 874 "Now I Belong to Jesus"

Favorite Band Piece: Jesus Loves Me (James Anderson)

Favorite Activity: Going to camp

Lt. Ian Carr

Bb Tuba

Ian Carr Cropped.png

Home Corps: Bartlesville

Positions at Corps: Corps Officer

Favorite Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15

Favorite Hymn: SASB #623 Take my Life/ SASB #573 "Be Thou My Vision"

Favorite Band Piece: All of Thee (William Gordon)

Favorite Activity: Eating

Jimmy Cox



Home Corps: Oklahoma City Citadel

Positions at Corps: Bandsman, Praise Band Director, Guitar Teacher, Songster Member

Favorite Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:12

Favorite Hymn: SASB #30 He Giveth More Grace

Favorite Band Piece: The Kingdom Triumphant (Eric Ball)

Favorite Activity: Reading

Bobby McFarland


Bobby McFarland Cropped.png

Home Corps: Mountain Home, AR

Positions at Corps: Corps Assistant, Pianist

Favorite Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:1-5

Favorite Hymn: SASB #848 “I’m In His Hands”

Favorite Band Piece: My God and King! (Paul Sharman)

Favorite Activity: Going to the movies!